We guarantee European quality from a certified powerful manufacturer of IQF products. Thanks to the latest technologies of shock IQF freezing of berries, fruits and vegetables, our products retain their original properties: appearance, organoleptic properties and taste.
Modern production

ALTE FOODS uses tunnel-type fluidization devices designed for IQF freezing of berries, chopped fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

IQF technology

IQF technology ends all the processes of decomposition and development of microorganisms in tissues. The products coming out of the conveyor have an almost pristine appearance. Freezing is carried out without the use of chemical bioprotective agents, preservatives and other treatments.

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European certificates

ALTE FOODS has confirmation of all standards and qualifications. Certified products are tested in our own control and quality of raw materials laboratory.

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    LLC “ALTE Foods”

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    street Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivskyi, 18, Kyiv, 03035


    Contacts of production

    street Zarichna, 3-A, village Poliske, Korosten district, Zhytomyr region, 11555