ALTE Foods LLC represents Ukraine as a new berry source from Eastern Europe

We guarantee European quality from a certified powerful manufacturer of IQF products. ALTE FOODS is the new reliable participant of the European IQF products market.

ALTE FOODS’ production facilities are located at the center of berries, fruits and vegetables growing in environmentally pristine areas of Ukraine. Highly qualified personnel are trained and committed to all the standards and requirements to obtain products that meet European and international requirements, including compliance with the rules of COVID-19 spread prevention. ALTE FOODS frozen berries and vegetables product line items: blueberries, bilberries, raspberries, elderberries, cranberries, onion, carrot. ATLE FOODS will extend its product line in Q4 2021.

Berries, fruits and vegetables grown for freezing are harvested at the peak of ripeness. ALTE Foods uses unique flash-freezing methods to protect the fragile berries and to lock in the color, flavor and nutrition assets. We use just cold air for freezing ripened berries, fruits and vegetables without any chemicals and additives.

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