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ALTE FOODS is a powerful manufacturer of a certified European quality. We collaborate exclusively with responsible, systematic and reliable suppliers interested in partnership with a manufacturer of IQF products.

Let's cooperate

We are focused on long-term cooperation and are ready to provide expert support at the stage of formation of the farm of future suppliers of quality raw materials.

We verify the quality of our products in our own laboratory, and the process of receiving raw materials is always fast and mobile.


ALTE FOODS accepts the following types of raw materials: berries, fruits and vegetables. The best leading equipment is used for processing raw materials.
Fruits Vegetables
Sea buckthorn
White onion

Quality standards

ALTE FOODS adheres to all expedient standards for the reception of raw materials.


Pre-sorting of fruits in our own quality laboratory

allows us to ensure safe and high-quality products at the output.


Optical sorter determines the quality by the following criteria:

ripeness, size, minimal impurities of other varieties of berries in the batch.


Ready-to-deliver ALTE FOODS products meet all Ukrainian state and international standards. European quality from a certified manufacturer!

ALTE FOODS has got certificates guaranteeing the quality and compliance with all European and Ukrainian standards

Skilled and certified employees operate at the plant.

FSSC 22000 - a comprehensive GFSI-approved scheme, signifies a benchmark in food safety and quality management. It integrates rigorous control over food processing, reliable supply chain management, and adherence to international food safety standards, facilitating seamless global trade and consumer trust.

BRCGS certification - a GFSI-recognized scheme, epitomizes global excellence in food quality control. It mandates stringent criteria including sustainable practices, rigorous quality control of raw materials and equipment, aligned with both Ukrainian and EU legislation, fostering streamlined international trade

Organic Standard - in accordance with EU legislation for non-EU producers, signifies a commitment to adhering to the high standards of organic farming and production as outlined by the European Union. This certification, recognized within the EU market, ensures products meet stringent criteria.

Kosher Certificate - іssued by a Ukrainian Kashrut Committee, this certification indicates that the products comply with the requirements of Jewish dietary laws, also known as kashrut. It attests that the food product has been produced and processed in a manner adhering to a strict set of guidelines governed by the Jewish faith.

Terms of cooperation

ALTE FOODS is an opportunity to cooperate with a powerful manufacturer of IQF products.
We cooperate with responsible, systemic and reliable suppliers who are interested in partnering with a powerful certified manufacturer of European level.
We strive to make every receival of raw materials fast and convenient.

We ensure returnable packaging: the supplier in production receives special packaging in which raw materials will be delivered to production

We carry out weighing of raw materials on site

Receiving is organized from the plant ramp

Product examination in the quality laboratory and sorting of raw materials

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