ALTE FOODS equipment

ALTE FOODS is equipped with the most up to date equipment and modern machines for sorting, washing and freezing. All structures are made of stainless steel.

The ALTE FOODS plant has such units as:

Tunnel freezer unit

Bubble sink

Optical sorter

Such equipment helps to carry out fast and efficient freezing with IQF technology.

Shock freezing technology

  • IQF technology stops all processes of decomposition and development of microorganisms in tissues. The products coming out of the conveyor have an almost pristine appearance.
  • Freezing takes place without the use of chemical bioprotective agents, preservatives, other treatments - this is their main advantage over fresh fruit. Products are frozen without the use of liquid nitrogen!
  • The automatic selection process with the help of BUHLER Polar Vision optical sorting machine is based on the following criteria: ripeness, size, minimal impurities of other varieties of berries in the batch.

    The advantages of this technology are that the frozen product is in a constant suspended state, so the particles of the product do not freeze together, each part receives even processing from all sides, providing individual high quality freezing and appealing appearance of the product on the output.

The path of berries


We offer you photos and videos dedicated to the production process of ALTE FOODS and related events.


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